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         • APSAMIX Tylosin 10%
         • APSAMIX Tiamulin 10%
         • APSAMIX Colistin 10%
         • APSA Aminovit
         • APSA B Complex+K3+ Choline
         • APSA Vigorpol
         • APSA Polivitesel




         • Butyrite-N70
         • Butyrite-C54


• Minazel
• Minazel Plus






3A logo(Austria)

• 3A Phytase 5000



Poultry Industry has long graduated from back yard farming to Hi-tech farm management and India has emerged as top ranker in Broiler meat production, egg production in the world. Nright offer poultry products of European origin conforming to FAMI QS from Andreas Pintaluba (Spain) Agrovet Animal Health (Austria) and Patent Co. (Serbia). We provide the Right Product, at the Right Quality, at the Right Time and the Right Price.

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