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About Us

With a world population expected to reach 9 billion by 2050, a burgeoning middle class, increasing threats to the safety of the food supply and the growing prevalence of Lifestyle diseases Pharmaceutical, food and beverage producers more than ever need innovative solutions to meet challenges.

Specialty ingredients help create innovative Pharmaceuticals, foods, beverages and supplements that improve health through better nutrition. At Nright we offer innovative nutrition products that enhance health and safety.


Nurtured in the microcosm of Human Health, Animal Health and Nutrition,we bring in innovative solutions towards plugging the gap of nutritional deficiency and complete nourishment for healthy sustenance on this mother earth using breakthrough technologies of microbiology, pharmaceutical nutritional and food sciences.

Backed with our combined experience in Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Food, Animal Health Industry in International and Domestic markets and out technical background and regulatory experience in various product lines within the domain we provide Products, services and share our extensive knowledge to our esteemed customers to enable them market and develop concepts and products which brings in value to their business. We also share our market knowledge, intelligence and experience in this dynamic business environment which helps us all grow together.


Nright is incubated by Ram-Nath & Co. Pvt. Ltd. (www.ram-nath.com), a Seven decade organization engaged in the supply of bulk chemicals and polymers, to bring focus to the Health and Nutrition businesses

We are a team of Technocrats . We offer innovative nutritional products and ideas to enhance health and safety by utilising our experience of customer and market trends. We provide our clients with consistent support and new ideas to help them strengthen their competitiveness and performance in their business.

NRight is currently working to introduce innovative Prescription Nutraceuticals and Specialty ingredients for the Food and Feed industries.